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Château-Gontier and the south-Mayenne


Millennial city, Château-Gontier charms visitors with its rich heritage. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of narrow streets of the historic city, eyes lifted to mansions, witnesses of a bourgeoisie enriched by the trade of linen fabrics. Enter the Faubourg, the former Ursuline convent, jewel of the city, waiting for you. The sweet fragrance of flowers will lead you to the scented gardens, unless you are ready to go to the end of the world, this steep garden overlooking the river.

Created more than 40 years ago to treat and collect animals found injured or unwanted, the Refuge de l'Arche welcomes more than a thousand boarders representing a hundred different species that live in complete peace in large enclosures in about 25 hectares of land.
They rescue:

  • Non-domestic wild animals purchased or imported by individuals returning from a trip, from zoos, laboratories or circuses, seized by the authorities (police, customs, ONCFS, etc.),

  • Exotic pets too old and too cumbersome for their owners,

  • Wildlife animals found injured in nature and still disabled.

At the refuge, there are about 450 mammals, 760 birds and 40 reptiles.

  • 40 species of mammals: rodents (octodon, guinea pig, wallaby, ...), ungulates (buffalo, camel, llama, ...), carnivores (raccoon, red fox, bear, ...), felines (lion, tiger, panther), primates (baboon, macaque, lemur, ...) ...

  • 60 bird species: diurnal raptors, nocturnal, ratites (ostrich, rhea, emu), wading birds (ibis, stork, heron, ...), parrots (Arabian macaw, lovebirds, cockatoos ...), exotic sparrows (mandarin, diamond dove) , ...), palmipeds, columbidae, corvids, gallinaceous, sturnidae, ...

  • 5 species of reptiles (python, boa, turtle, ...).

During his many travels, Robert Tatin, painter and architect created an exceptional architectural module introduced by an alley of 19 giant statues illustrating the different periods of his life.
Enter the Maison des Champs on the arms of Alfred Jarry and Léonor Fini before entering the Garden of Meditations under the benevolent gaze of Our Lady Everyone.

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