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The wellness area

Let go!

Take the time to relax in an intimate and cozy place, totally private.

The spa

Relaxation and well-being for a stay or a weekend at our bed and breakfast in Mayenne.
Our space is dedicated to your well-being, take the time to take care of yourself!
The Spa includes an Italian shower, a jacuzzi and infrared sauna, all with private access by reservation, so that your comfort is total. We provide our guests with a foutah (hammam towel), a pair of slippers, a bathrobe and tea room with teas and infusions of plants.
Use of sauna and jacuzzi is discouraged in case of cardiovascular problems. Ask your doctor for advice if in doubt.

le jacuzzi et le sauna japonais

With your reservation *, we offer you 1 hour of access to the spa for 2 people. For additional sessions: 15 € / person or 20 € / 2 people. * Offer only available for bookings on this website.
Access to the spa is restricted to guests 16 years and older.

Gift idea for 2 people:
Offer includes: one night + breakfast + unlimited SPA access + a wellness massage session + a bottle of Crémant in the suite. (from 165 € depending on the chosen season).

This is just an example, contact us to compose the ideal gift!

The jacuzzi

le spa ou bain à remous au sein de notre espace bien-être

The hydromassage reduces the pressure on the joints. The jets reach all parts of the body, massaging the muscles gently to eliminate toxins and activate blood circulation.
In each place, massage jets allow a powerful and optimal massage of the soles of the feet, lower back, shoulders ...
Hydrotherapy has a real impact against stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, migraine, heavy legs, digestive disorders, cellulite. The jacuzzi is an excellent source of daily benefits.

The Japanese sauna

The special heat of infrared rays - developed in Japan in 1965 by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa - was initially reserved for strictly medical use. The difference with the conventional sauna? Instead of indirectly heating in response to the very high temperature of the cabin atmosphere, the body absorbs infrared radiation to raise its temperature "from the inside" in a uniform manner, generating a greater sweating than the traditional sauna.
Gentle for the heart: the infrared provides a more progressive and more penetrating temperature rise, without constraint for the heart and with a wider range of benefits than the Finnish method.


le sauna à infra-rouges, aussi appelé sauna japonais, dans l'espace-détente

A session in an infrared sauna takes about 30 minutes, followed by a warm or hot shower (a cold shower can cause muscle cramps). The infrared sauna offers a temperature of approximately 45 to 55 ° C. Less than its traditional counterpart steam (about 90 ° C), this temperature can create two to three times more sweat, and thus eliminate more toxins.

Privatisation de l'espace bien-être : 25 € pour deux personnes, 10 € par personne supplémentaire.


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