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Village of about a thousand inhabitants, built on the banks of the Mayenne, and located south of the department of the same name. It is part of the old province of Anjou home of the white stone that brightens its houses.
Its privileged location between river and peaceful undulations gives it a relaxing charm appreciated by all, as well as a climate qualified, in its time, of "sweetness Angevine" by Du Bellay.
To see in Ménil:

  • The church of St. George of the eleventh and nineteenth centuries.

  • The Chapel of Our Lady of Good Fortune of the seventeenth century (it was built on the wishes of a boatman who had found himself in great difficulty in a whirlwind of the Mayenne).

  • Magnanne Castle, 17th century.

  • The manor of Braye of XVe and XVIe centuries.

  • The castle of the river of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Vue sur le village de Ménil depuis la rive opposée
VéloFrancette : un groupe de cyclo-touristes franchit la Mayenne par le bac

If Menil no longer had its ferry, it would no longer be Menil!
Like Laval, which has kept its wash-boats, Menil has not sacrificed this ancient means of passage which could still be counted in the thirties in the 19th century. Here it is, now, unique in the department, bringing back the value of nature with its traditional charm and interest.
Residents of the town and visitors use this means to cross the "Mayenne" and join the other side towards the village of Coudray.
This original crossing is done on foot, on horseback, by bike ... to discover the towpath and bocage mayennais. A bell on the opposite bank (left bank) can call the smuggler to pick you up.
It is open from April 15th to September 15th.

Stop at the tavern gate, Menil port. Sit in the shade or in the sun, as you please. Slowly enjoy your refreshment and enjoy the song of birds and lapping Mayenne.

la terrasse de la guinguette, sur le port, à Ménil

It usually takes place on the 3rd weekend of July. This is an opportunity to operate the bread ovens on the port and to try a multitude of "fouées" for two days. On Saturday night, it's the big fireworks on the river, and on Sunday afternoon, the inevitable "bath race"!

La fête du pain à Ménil et sa célèbre course de baignoires

From May to the end of September, find organic local producers on the port next to La Guinguette every Monday morning. They offer you the direct sale of their good products:

  • Fabrice, organic egg producer "COCO'DAC" in Ménil

  • Hugues, artisan - baker - Ménil baker who bakes his bread in the wood ovens on the port

  • Frédéric and Fanny, producers and sellers of goat cheese from "From'en Chèvre" to Fromentières

  • Jean-Christophe, organic market gardener from Ménil with his seasonal vegetables

le marché des producteurs bio le lundi matin place du port à Ménil
le chateau de Magnanne à Ménil

Built in the 17th century for an officer of the Sun King's gendarmerie, it is today one of the most beautiful in Mayenne. The lands and the seigneury of Magnanne were erected in marquisat in 1701, "in favor and in consideration of the services rendered by François-Henri de Racapé".
Louis XIV wanted to thank his lieutenant of the marshals of France, probably for good and loyal services. He ordered the construction of the castle as we know it today, and funded it with his personal cassette. The work was completed around 1720.

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