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Guest Table

Enjoy our "meal-jar"


À déguster au Presbytère, dans la cuisine, ou en terrasse ...

Ou mis à disposition dans votre gîte ou votre appart'en ville.

Meals – 9,80 €

Duck confit 'cottage' pie

The elegance and rich flavour of delicately sliced duck, cooked with onions and parsley and perfectly partnered by the mashed potatoes

Blanquette of Poultry with creamy Risotto

A truly classic dish from the French repertoire, chicken and creamy risotto, tender and melt-in-the-mouth

Gourmet Quinoa Salad with small Vegetables

A light salad with cereals and small vegetables, lifted by the refreshing fruity notes of orange and olives

Desserts – 5,20 €

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla-flavoured milk-based dessert, all the charm and quality of home-made simplicity

Chocolate Velvet

The bitterness of real cacao and the opulence of a smooth cream: an indulgently mellow dessert!


The Menu - 13 €

1 Meal + 1 Dessert

Photos Benjamin Teissedre

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